ABOUT TicketHow

Why should I buy from TicketHow?

TicketHow has one of the largest inventories for secondary event tickets. We provide you best deals at best price. Providing you access to thousands of event tickets, we facilitate you in availing the best possible deals. TicketHow is highly reputable due to its reliable and authentic event ticketing service. TicketHow is highly regarded throughout the world due to it’s:

  • Personalized services
  • Affordable ticket deals
  • Premium seating locations
  • Simple and hassle free purchase process
  • Speedy ticket delivery
  • Secure transactions
  • 100 % guaranteed tickets
  • Tickets for all sold-out events

Which entertainment events do you deal in?

We deal in four major areas:

  • Concerts
  • Theaters
  • Sports
  • Las Vegas

How do I know the tickets listed at TicketHow are genuine and authentic?

We have an extensive network of reliable and reputable brokers. When you purchase your tickets from TicketHow, be assured that you are getting the most authentic and genuine tickets because we verify all our ticket resources. We make sure that all products we sell are authentic and we are committed to provide you 100% legitimate tickets for entertainment events.

Why are tickets above “face value”?

All secondary event tickets are sold at “market value”, which is usually above the “face value”. The market value is determined on the basis of demand and supply of tickets for a particular event. So the secondary ticket prices are usually above the face value and this is true specially for sold out events.

TicketHow does not have any control on the prices listed by brokers. However, we help you find best ticket deals by listing an extensive range of tickets from different sources.

All ticket prices at TicketHow are based upon the current market value of that event. Like all other secondary ticket providers, our ticket prices are also influenced by demand and supply of tickets for that particular event. All final prices are set by the brokers and are subject to change at any time.

Who decides the pricing of tickets at TicketHow?

All ticket prices at TicketHow are based upon the current market value of that event. Like all other secondary ticket providers, our ticket prices are also influenced by demand and supply of tickets for that particular event. All final prices are set by the brokers and are subject to change at any time.

Why the tickets for some of the listed events are not available?

TicketHow supplies entertainment tickets for world-wide events. If you are unable to find tickets for some of the listed events that could be due to a number of reasons;

  • All tickets for that event have already been sold-out.
  • No tickets are available for that event at the moment.
  • The event due date is too soon and there is not enough time for ticket delivery.

We constantly update our listings so please check back again.

How can I get best deals at TicketRule?

TicketHow is committed to provide you best deals at best possible price. We supply event tickets from thousands of brokers. You can get best seats at different prices. You can avail premium seating locations at the most discounted prices.


Tell me something about the privacy policy of TicketHow?

TicketHow has an established and reliable privacy policy. Our customer’s privacy and confidentiality is our prime concern. TicketHow is a secure site where all transactions are made through a fraud-free mode and all data is processed on secure networks.

Is my information secure on TicketHow?

While you are using TicketHow for any transactions, be assured that all your information is 100 % secure. Security of our client’s is our prime concern and we never reveal or share any of our client’s information. All transactions and credit card information is processed on secure server and is never stored on our servers.



How can I find my desired tickets at TicketHow?

TicketHow provides you ticket listings for all entertainment events which are divided into categories for your convenience. You can go to the category page and search for your desired event ticket. However if you do not know your category just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the search bar.
  • Put in your desired venue, event or artist name.
  • Put in the dates you want.
  • Click search.

Your desired tickets will appear on your screen. Browse from the variety of tickets and make selection according to your choice.

I have found my desired tickets. What do I order for them?

Once you have found your desired ticket just click the Buy button and follow the simple instructions.

Can I get my desired seating location?

Of course, you can select your desired seating location for any event. Once you select your desired tickets, you will be asked for your seating location. You can then select your desired location for your favorite event.

Is service fee included in ticket price?

No, the listed prices just cover the ticket price. Once you finalize your order, we will provide you total cost including service fee and shipment charges.

What types of payments are accepted at TicketHow?

All payments, at TicketHow, are done through Credit Cards.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American, Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club International, and Cartre Blanche.

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

You will get a confirmation email which is your receipt of purchase at TicketHow.

Can I get tickets for the events not listed at TicketHow?

Of course, you can get tickets for any entertainment event in the world. If you do not find an event in our listings just contact us, at care @ TicketHow.com , and we will help you with it.



I placed an order at TicketHow, but I never received my tickets. What should I do?

It is very unlikely that you do not get your purchased tickets well in time. However, if by chance you experience any such problem feel free to contact our customer support department at care @ TicketHow.com.

Can I cancel / change my order?

No, you cannot cancel / change your order. All sales at TicketHow are final.

What should I do if I have any problem with my order?

If you face any problem with your order, feel free to contact our customer support department at care @ TicketHow.com. We will try to resolve your problem as soon possible.



When can I expect delivery of my tickets?

Tickets are shipped right after the purchase and should reach you within 5 business days after the purchase.

How my tickets will be delivered to me?

Your purchased tickets will be delivered to you through secure service of Fed Ex on your given postal address.

I want my package tracking number?

Your package tracking number will be sent to you via e-mail.

What are the shipping charges at TicketHow?

The shipping charges depend upon the destination where the tickets have to be delivered. Once you finalize your order, we will give you total estimated ticket cost which includes shipping charges.

Will you ship the tickets immediately after the purchase?

We ship all our orders within 1 business day after the purchase.

Can you email me the purchased tickets?

Of course, we can e-mail you the purchased tickets on your request. These are printable copies and are as good as original tickets.


What if my event get cancelled?

If the event gets cancelled you will get 100% refund for the amount you paid for the tickets. However, the shipping charges will not be refunded. TICKETS MUST BE SENT BACK TO OUR OFFICE WITHIN 10 DAYS AFTER THE CANCELLATION OF EVENT.

What if my purchased tickets get lost?

As soon you get your purchased tickets keep them in a safe place. However, if by chance you lose them contact us at care @ TicketHow.com. You have to inform us a week prior to the event. We will try our best to assist you in any way we can, but we cannot give 100% guarantee of reissuance of tickets.

If I am unable to attend an event, what is your refund / return policy?

Once the order is placed at TicketHow there is no refund, exchange or cancellation. All purchases are final and cannot be replaced because we get those tickets for you and are unable to recover our costs once they are purchased.



How do I contact TicketHow?

You can contact us any day / any time at care @ TicketHow.com . We would love to assist you in anyway we can.

How can I get free newsletters from TicketHow?

We automatically subscribe all our customers for free newsletters. You will get regular updates, news of upcoming events and information about all our new promotions through our free newsletters.

What are your office hours?

Our call centers are open 24 / 7. And you can easily shop from our web site any day / any time.

Can I order by phone?

Of course, you can avail all our services through phone. All call center agents are working round the clock to assist you with your ticket purchase.